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Task 1

Task 1: Building a data and knowledge base of drought indicators and impacts on three continents 

  • to collate and review existing datasets of (numerical) physical and ecological drought indicators and (text-based) reported drought impacts from the USA, Europe, and Australia. 
  • to strategically complement databases for the project e.g. search for specific impact reports or calculate specific indicators. 
  • to compare and evaluate differences and commonalities in reported drought impacts and indicators used for Monitoring and Early Warning in the USA, Europe and Australia. 
  • to specifically assess impacts and indicators relevant for public water supply given international differences in exposure to drought, water governance etc.


Task 2: Exploring and defining vulnerability thresholds through the integration of indicators and impacts for drought scenarios


Task 3: Case studies: Social Learning Approaches to improve drought Monitoring & Early Warning systems 


Task 4: Pathways to resilience through improvement of drought Monitoring & Early Warning systems, management, and training