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Past events

Knowledge gathering workshop UK
As part of the Belmont Forum funded international DrIVER research project on linking indicators to impacts to improve drought monitoring and early warning systems (MEWs), a stakeholder workshop was held on 17th...
Knowledge gathering workshop North Carolina
On 9 december 2014, a knowledge gathering and sharing workshop on drought took place in North Carolina, USA. Among the participants were water suppliers in the Neuse and Cape Fear River Basins.
Drought workshop Australia
An impression of the Australian drought workshop.
UK workshop II
Some first impressions of the second UK workshop. More info will follow soon!
Other events
Overview of other events




2017-08 - New paper in discussion

Human influences on streamflow drought characteristics in England and Wales (link)

2017-05 - New paper in discussion

Developing drought impact functions for drought risk management (link)

2017-05 - Upcomming: final DrIVER meeting

Between 17th and 19th of May in Freiburg

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